Running the numbers on Kentucky-UTA


Running the numbers on Kentucky’s 92-44 win over Texas-Arlington at Rupp:

– Kentucky’s 55-12 halftime lead tied for the second-largest margin in school history. The national champion 1996 team led LSU 86-42 at the half on January 16, 1996. UK also held a 43-point halftime lead over Georgia 75-32 on February 27, 1956.

– UK averaged 1.284 points per possession, best on the season. The previous high as 1.250 against Grand Canyon in the opener. UK had an effective field goal percentage of 64.2, second only to the 64.4 against Boston U.

– Kentucky shot 56.6 percent from the field, including 61.3 percent in the first half. The 56.6 is second-best on the season, behind the 57.6 UK shot in the win over Boston University last Friday.

– UK shot a season-high 33 free throws, making 24 for 72.7 percent. That’s the most free throws Kentucky has shot since going 26-of-41 for 63.4 percent against LSU in the first round of last year’s SEC Tournament.

– Kentucky’s 92 points were the most since UK scored 93 against Belmont on December 21, 2013. The Cats won that game 93-80. The Cats scored 105 points against UTA last season, winning 105-76.

– Kentucky did commit a season-high 18 turnovers. The previous high was 141 against Buffalo. The Cats turned the ball over 25.1 percent of its possessions against UTA, compared to 20.9 percent against Buffalo. UK turned it over just 11.3 percent against Montana State.

– Texas-Arlington shot 27 percent, the third-lowest against UK this year. Montana State shot 19.7 percent and Kansas shot 19.6 percent.

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Video: Karl-Anthony Towns after his first double-double

Kentucky freshman Karl-Anthony Towns talks to the media after scoring 13 points and grabbing 11 rebounds against Texas-Arlington.

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Video: Trey Lyles looking forward to playing tougher teams

After the 92-44 win over Texas-Arlington, UK freshman Trey Lyles says he is having more fun that he thought he would have. He also says the defense is helping the offense. He also said he is looking forward to playing better competition.

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Video: Devin Booker after his 19-point night

Kentucky’s Devin Booker says he hasn’t changed anything about his shot after the freshman scored 19 poitns in win over Texas-Arlington. Booker made seven of eight shots, including five of six from three-point range.

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John Calipari: “Why wouldn’t you root for this to happen?”


Transcript of John Calipari’s press conference after win over Texas-Arlington:

Q. Talk about the way you feel Andrew (Harrison) played tonight and has basically played all season, basically compare back to this time last year.

JOHN CALIPARI: It was funny, I told him, he made passes to he had a shot, another guy had a shot, he was a better shooter than who he was passing it to. I said, you’ve got to shoot that; you’ve got to be down and ready and shoot it. And he looked at me and smiled, and he said, I’m a play maker. And I laughed back at him. I said, I understand you’ve just got to figure this out. You’ve got to know when you’ve got to score and you’ve got to know how you’re creating shots for his teammates.

Alex (Poythress) was sick today. You knew he was going to struggle. He hadn’t practiced with us. He did a little bit yesterday. He struggled. But I thought everybody Marcus Lee struggled a little bit today. I don’t understand what his deal was. But he struggled a little bit. But the other guys I thought really played. No one played 20 minutes, or Alex played 20 minutes and Tyler (Ulis) played 20 well, now I see Trey (Lyles) and Dakari (Johnson) played 20.

But everybody they’re sharing. The story, everybody wants to talk about defense, they all want to talk about the energy, the blocked shots and the length, and the story is you have 10 guys sharing minutes. That’s the whole story in a nutshell.

Why is that happening? Because they’re allowing it to happen. Is anybody being hurt by this? No. Will their NCAA stats be as much as some other players? No. Their team NCAA stats will be way beyond most, and their efficiency stats, the big data stats, will be some of the best in the country. And that’s how they’re evaluated more than anything else.

Q. What’s the difference in Devin Booker starting the year 1 of 11 from 3?

JOHN CALIPARI: Because he never defended this way. You have to understand, in high school he didn’t guard. He was like the biggest guy on the team, so he never guarded the little guards, he never had to go play like this, so now he’s playing, and absolutely running up and down, sprinting up the floor, staying in his stance, playing with great energy, and then trying to shoot a ball, and he was stepping in holes. He was bank missing shots like oh, my gosh, he bank missed that. Well, that’s all he’s getting used to it. Trey is getting used to playing guards out on the floor. Alex and he got to catch up. They’ve got to catch up. I mean, what I did today, I told the guys if anybody out there was not playing with great energy, you are allowed to sub him if he’s at your spot. So if a guy didn’t play, sub him. There’s nobody giving away their minutes. You must respect that.

Q. Dakari shot free throws really well today. What did you think of that? Why do you think he shot so well?

JOHN CALIPARI: I don’t know, you’ll have to ask him, but I’m happy for him. He does want to play, and he knows I’m not playing him at the end of a game if he can’t make free throws, so he’s making them and now Karl(-Anthony Towns) is missing them.

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Scott Cross thinks Kentucky can go undefeated


Transcript of Texas-Arlington coach Scott Cross after loss to UK:

Opening statement …

“Well, obviously that was a tough one for us. First half I’ll take responsibility for that, we went out and played zone. We watched on tape that it looked like Kentucky didn’t attack a zone as good as they did some man-to-man, so that’s why we went zone when we are a man team. They picked us apart in that zone, it was impressive watching them play and seeing them go inside and outside. They played the game the right way, that’s what is really impressive, to be able to get all of those NCAA All-Americans to play together as a team with 10 different guys, that is impressive. I don’t know how Coach Cal gets those guys to do it, but it is really impressive to see what they do.”

On if playing a team like Kentucky is relevant to the rest of their season…

“It isn’t. I won’t even show our players the video of this game, I mean we have spent two hours on video before, but we won’t even watch this game’s tape. We won’t face another team like this, their size is absolutely unbelievable and you can’t simulate it. We could have guys standing on chairs and not even simulate it, they take up so much space and they close up gaps very impressively. I thought we would be able to get up a couple open looks, but in the first half we got zero open looks, that’s what is really amazing about what they are doing is what they are doing defensively.”

On Kentucky’s point guard play…

“I think it’s good. They have so much depth that the backup point guard climbed up under our guards, and that’s our strength as we are one of the quickest teams around and he gave our point guards fits with his defense. We tried to set a lot of ball screens to get him off our guys so we could have a little bit of space and he kept climbing back up. That combination of point guards is pretty good.”

On if Kentucky can go undefeated and what would it take to beat them…

“It is very possible that they could go undefeated, if they play the way they did tonight playing together as a team, going inside and when they keep hitting shots they are not going to lose for sure. I think to beat them it would take a really poor shooting night and somebody would have to have great size. It would have to be one of the powerhouse teams having an unbelievable night to knock them off.”

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Video: John Calipari after win over Texas-Arlington

After the 92-44 win over Texas-Arlington, John Calipari talks about how his team is sharing.

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Video: UT-Arlington coach after loss to UK

Texas-Arlington coach Scott Cross talks to media after his team’s loss to Kentucky. Cross said it was his mistake to play zone in the first half. Kentucky shot 61.3 percent the first 20 minutes on the way to a 55-12 lead at the half.

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Liveblog: Kentucky vs. UT-Arlington basketball

Live Blog Liveblog: Kentucky vs. Texas-Arlington basketball

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College basketball on television: November 25


College basketball games on television this afternoon and tonight:

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