Ex-UCLA basketball academic adviser alleges wrongdoing

Will Collier, former academic coordinator at UCLA, tells The Chronicle of Higher Education that a Bruins assistant basketball coach asked a professor to change a grade so that a player wouldn’t have to sit out the rest of the season.

Collier alleges that after being told of the player’s plight, assistant Duane Broussard “proposed a plan: Approach the professor about changing the player’s grade.”

Broussard denies the charge, telling The Chronicle, “To insinuate that I would pressure anyone to do something unethical or not follow policy is, quite frankly, insulting and just flat wrong.”

Collier left UCLA in January. The school says Collier was “careless with records, inflexible with students, and unable to build trust with coaches.” Meanwhile, SMU basketball was just placed on probation for academic fraud allegations. The NCAA is still investigating academic improprieties at North Carolina.

(H/T College Basketball Talk)

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