Scout on Julius Randle: “Going to be a huge adjustment”


Interesting story on Grantland in which Ryne Russillo talked to three NBA scouts about Joel Embiid, Andrew Wiggins, Jabari Parker and Julius Randle.

Word is that Randle has slipped a bit in the eyes of NBA people and the scouts bring up all the assorted concerns.

Excerpt 1:

The comparisons to Zach Randolph have to stop. I’ve watched Zach since he was 12. Zach had it; he has great feet and can shoot. He’s not Zach.

Excerpt 2:

Awful passer, but he doesn’t want to pass anyway. He goes one way, tries to knock everyone over. He’s so left-hand dominant it was comical. If you put him in a gym by himself, could he make a right-handed layup? He’s a good athlete but didn’t always use it. A lot of his stuff, offensively, won’t work in the NBA. It’s going to be a huge adjustment for him.

There are plenty of positives, and it’s obvious that one of the scouts that Russillo spoke with was higher on Randle than the other two.

My take: I think it will be a huge adjustment. I like Julius. Good kid and all that. But his offensive game needs a lot of development. He has to work at his mid-range shot and finding other ways to score rather than just taking the ball to the basket. Is he a hard worker? We’re about to find out.

He can rebound, however. Big-time. We all know that. He maybe had the best anticipation of any UK player in recent memory as far as getting the ball off the glass. Maybe since Chuck Hayes. And Julius is a better prospect than Chuck.

The NBA Draft is June 26, by the way.

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