Writer says John Calipari has done “greatest job of era”


INDIANAPOLIS — Mike DeCourcy of the Sporting News is not messing around. He writes that what John Calipari has done at Kentucky is the greatest coaching job of this era of college basketball.

In his column previewing Sunday’s Midwest Region final, DeCourcy argues that Calipari isn’t getting enough respect.

And yet Calipari’s record with a series of such players is 150-36. He has won 80 percent of his games while having to reinvent the Wildcats’ schemes and re-teach basic and advanced offensive and defensive concepts on an annual basis. Add in the final four seasons at Memphis, starting in 2006, and his NCAA Tournament record over that period is 29-6.

This is the greatest coaching job of this era, not unlike Mike Krzyzewski’s best work from 1986-1994 and John Wooden’s from 1964-75. And like the others, it is a product of the particular era. So how come he’s not accorded the same sort of applause?

(And please don’t bring up the vacated Final Fours. Read Seth Davis’ biography, “Wooden: A Coach’s Life”, and you’ll forever be disabused of the notion that such justice is dispensed fairly.)

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