Did John Calipari fall in love with himself?


Did John Calipari fall in love with himself?

That isn’t my question. That’s John Feinstein’s question. The famous author and long-time college basketball observer writes an interesting piece for CBSSports.com on Calipari and what has happened to the Kentucky coach after winning the title in 2012.

Title: John Calipari has changed for the worse 

It’s not a rip job. Feinstein writes about the first time he met Calipari, his relationship with the former UMass and Memphis coach, and how he always thought that Calipari is underrated not only as a coach but as a person.

But Feinstein wonders if all the adulation and success he has received at Kentucky worked against Calipari.


Calipari hasn’t handled the disappointing regular season very well. He’s sniped at his team publicly — accusing the players of not ‘taking ownership,’ even though he’s now paid $5.5 million a year to ‘own,’ and lead the players HE recruited. He’s whined about how young the team is — that’s the way he PLANS it each season, no? He’s accused the players of not buying in, of not being emotionally committed. A couple weeks ago he got thrown out during an embarrassing loss to South Carolina and then ducked the media afterwards claiming he had to do his radio show. As if the media wouldn’t have waited until he finished his (paid) radio bit.

In the end, Feinstein wonders if what happened to Rollie Massimino after winning the title at Villanova in 1985 hasn’t happened to Calipari now?

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