John Calipari teases with talk of “tweak”


So to hear John Calipari tell it, everything is fixed now.

On his weekly radio call-in show last night, Calipari — yes, apparently Calipari was actually on the show, which is not a weekly occurrence — the coach said that he “tweaked” things in practice and the offense made tremendous improvement.

That’s tweak — not twerk.

“We tweaked the offense a little bit, and it was a small tweak, something I should have done a month ago,” said Calipari, according to WKYT, “but the energy in our building, I’m jacked. Like, I am ready for us now to take the next step.”

What could this tweak be? Well, Calipari is scheduled to speak to the media at 2 p.m. this afternoon so we’ll get a chance to ask the coach then.

Eric Crawford over WDRB examines the possibilities, including the guess that perhaps Calipari has put Alex Poythress in the lineup in place of one of the Harrison twins or James Young. Crawford’s theory is that Poythress would not dominate the ball as do the others, which would help free up the offense.

Personally, I have no idea as to the “tweak” and I doubt Calipari will give us specifics today. It sounds more like the coach’s mind games in an effort to boost his team’s confidence going into the post-season.

This is a Kentucky them team that has lost three of its last four, that has fallen out of the AP Top 25, that just got smacked by 19 points at Florida — a game in which Kentucky went on a 15-0 run and still lost by 19 points. It needs a new mindset.

That’s the real “tweak” Cal wants.

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