John Calipari: “If you know anything about basketball . . . “


A three-spot from Kentucky basketball’s media opp today previewing the SEC Tournament, with video after the jump.

1. Tweak me. Of course, John Calipari would not let we the media and the public know specifically what this “tweak” was that he made to the offense in practice on Monday that “made all the difference.”

The players were no help either. James Young and Julius Randle both clammed up about whatever change Calipari made in hopes of getting the offense going.

Meanwhile, Calipari tweaked the media, saying that if we know basketball we’ll figure it out. (This implies that we don’t know basketball, of course.)

“If you know anything about basketball, you’ll know exactly what I did,” he said. “If you don’t know anything about basketball, you’ll look at everybody else’s tweets and the blogs and say, ‘What’s he saying they did because I don’t know basketball. I hope somebody knows so I can write like I know.'”

2. Tough Cats. In something that has been building, Calipari believes that officials have gone back to calling the game the way they did in previous years, not the way the “new rules” called for this year. He had hinted that before yesterday. He flat out said it yesterday.

“We’re back to where we were a year ago where people say you have to foul on every possession to win,” said Calipari.

That’s why he held more physical practice on Monday. He obviously believes his team is getting fouled, and it’s not being called, so he’s going to have his team foul.

3. We shall overcome. If the “tweak” was his talking point on his call-in show, Calipari’s talking point with the media on Monday was adversity and how adversity is going to hit. The question is will this team bond together when adversity hits?

Cal point to the way Florida rebounded from Kentucky’s 15-0 run on Saturday. Calipari put his hands together, saying that the Gators bonded. Scottie Wilbekin hit a clutch three-pointer and off went the Gators again, turning a six-point lead into a 19-point win.

Florida starts four seniors. Kentucky starts four and sometimes five freshmen. In the past, adversity has ignited UK’s immaturity. We’ll see if that changes in the post-season.

Cal talking about the “tweak”

If you cannot see the video, click here.

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