E-mailbag: “Time to admit the experiment has failed”

From my inbox, Rick e-mails:

Another good column! As I read it, I couldn’t help be recall the saying that those who do not, (can not, will not) learn from history are doomed to repeat it.

As a season ticket holder and long-time fan, I for one, do not want a three-peat of the over-promise, under-deliver results of Cal’s efforts to rewrite history! Seems to me that we should accept, (and learn from), the fact that experience does matter much more than unproven talent and that building our hopes on over-hyped players who have been coddled and, all but, promised a future of selfish riches, all of their basketball lives, is, (frustratingly and hopelessly), futile.

Time to admit that the experiment has failed and that history can teach us something after-all. Question is whether some very stubborn egos can admit that they have anything to learn?

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