John Calipari says one thing, observers see another

Sometimes, you wonder if John Calipari believes if he says something enough times, then by sheer force of will he can make it true.

This was Calipari on Tuesday night after his team’s 55-48 win over Alabama:

Look, this is a young team. They got a little rattled. An overtime loss, go to South Carolina, had what happened there. They’re a little rattled, but they’re fine. They’re fine. They’re having a ball.

Reading Fran Frascilla and Jay Bilas in Jerry Tipton’s story about the current state of the Cats, it is clear the two ESPN analysts do not believe that Kentucky’s players are having a ball.

This from Fraschilla:

“I just think they look like a team not having any fun,” Fraschilla said.

This from Bilas:

“I think John spoiled us,” Bilas said. “I don’t think this is an unusual thing to see Kentucky struggle with freshmen trying to blend together.”

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