Kentucky in the various computer rankings

Catching up with the various computer rankings after Saturday’s play:

– Kentucky is 10th in the latest RPI rankings, behind 1. Kansas, 2. Arizona, 3. Florida, 4. Villanova, 5. Wisconsin, 6. Duke, 7. Creighton, 8. Wichita State and 9. Syracuse.

– Kentucky is ranked 18th by Jeff Sagarin’s computer. His SEC rankings: Florida, 8; Kentucky, 18; Arkansas, 44; Tennessee, 46; Missouri, 55; LSU, 67; Ole Miss, 79; Vanderbilt, 96; Alabama, 100; Georgia, 103;¬†Auburn, 111; Texas A&M, 115; South Carolina, 138; and Mississippi State, 184.

РKentucky alsois  18th in the latest Ken Pomeroy tempo-free stats rankings. UK is 10th nationally in offensive efficiency, 37th in defensive efficiency.

As a side note, Louisville is ranked No. 3 overall by Pomeroy, No. 7 by Sagarin and No. 29 by the RPI.

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