Video: John Calipari analyzes “overanalyzed” reaction


Those Tuesday night post-game comments from John Calipari about his team being the “most overanalyzed” team in the history of sports, and that some writers have criticized the Cats not because it’s their “opinion” but because it’s their “hope,” was pure Calipari.

On Friday, during the UK basketball media opportunity to preview Saturday’s game against Mississippi State, I asked Cal about the reaction to his comments, and his reaction was pure Calipari.

In different parts of a three-minute back-and-forth, Calipari feigned ignorance of people’s comments, came close but didn’t quite use the “yelping dogs” line he has used often – though he did work “yelp” and “re-yelp” in there – and made a joking reference to Jerry Tipton’s Caliparanoia story in the paper this morning, although of course Cal doesn’t read the paper.

Bottom line: Calipari’s comments were ridiculous. His team is heavily analyzed, but it’s pure Cal-hyperbole to suggest that is the most “overanalyzed” of all time, in any sport. When LeBron James came to the Miami Heat, that first year received as much intense scrutiny as any story in the history of sports.

And the “Is it their opinion or is it their hope?” line feeds on Calipari’s long-running battle with writers who he thinks are rooting for him and his team to fail.

Here’s the real crux of the matter: Calipari said (jokingly) that it had taken until the first of February to convince him that everyone was against them — opponents, media, etc. The line drew a big laugh among the media, but I don’t think he’s joking.

As Jerry’s well-researched story this morning says, that is the motivation to Calipari’s motivational tactics and is the real reason why he said what he said on Tuesday.

Here’s the video.

Click here to watch the entire news conference.

Photo of John Calipari and staff at Mississippi State game by Charles Bertram/Herald-Leader.

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