Willie Cauley-Stein: “I ain’t wearing no wedding dress”


First, Willie Cauley-Stein went out changed his hair color. Then, the sophomore center went out and blocked nine shots.

It was the second game in which the Kansan has blocked nine shots.

It was his first as a blonde, however.

Cauley-Stein dyed his hair blonde before the Cats beat Boise State 70-55 at Rupp Arena on Monday. With his new ‘do, WCS scored six points, grabbed seven rebounds and blocked nine shots, equaling his blocked-shot total against Providence.




Cauley-Stein in the post-game press conference:

On feeling more comfortable defensively this season…

“I think I just found more blocks. I know what I have to do now. Last year I was in between what I was trying to do and this year I was just running around and blocking every shot that I can.”

On being one block off the pace Anthony Davis had in blocked shots…

“It is the system. It allows you to do that. Any shot-blockers that you asked would probably say the same thing. If you are a shot-blocker or a center you are obviously going to excel.”

On Boise State being one of the most difficult teams they have had to guard this season…

“They just run around. They have shooters and drivers so they put up so many points. We have to really make sure we are focused on what they are trying to do and what we are trying to do defensively. This game our defensive emphasis was on talking, we did a really good job of talking to one another and helping each other. The couple days of practice we had after Baylor were really helpful for us and this game.”



Willie Cauley-Stein’s new hair color?
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