Running the numbers on UK’s win over Boise


Let’s run some numbers on Kentucky’s 70-55 win over Boise State on Tuesday:

-┬áStatistically, this was UK’s second-best defensive performance of the season. Boise managed just an 83.5 offensive efficiency rating. UNC-Asheville managed an 80.6.

-┬áKentucky’s offensive efficiency rating was 103.6, almost the same as the 103.5 in the loss to Baylor.

- Kentucky shot 52.9 percent, the fourth time this season the cats have shot 50 percent or better.

- After making six of eight threes against Providence, UK is just 12-of-34 from three over the last two games. Kentucky was eight-of-17 from three versus Baylor and four-of-17 tonight.

- After being destroyed on the glass by Baylor to the tune of -16, the Cats were +16 on the boards against the smaller Broncos.

- Boise shot just 31.9 percent, third-worst by UK foe so far this year. Providence shot 31.1 from the floor. Robert Morris shot 23.2 percent.

- Boise State shot just six free throws — it made all six — the fewest by a Kentucky opponent since Eastern Michigan was four-of-four against the Cats last January.

- After not recording a steal against Baylor, Kentucky had four against Boise.

- After not scoring a fast break point against Baylor, Kentucky scored 10 against Boise.

- Kentucky turned the ball over on 28.1 percent of its possessions, the highest this season. The previous high was 25.6 percent against Eastern Michigan.

- Points in the paint: Kentucky 44, Boise State 24



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