Rebounding, free throws ice Cats in Big D


ARLINGTON, Tex. — Nerd alert. A few disturbing numbers from Kentucky’s 67-62 loss to Baylor on Friday night at Ice Station Zebra.

– Kentucky made just 12 of 23 free throws for 52.2 percent. That’s the fewest number of free throws the Cats have shot this year and the lowest percentage. UK made just 10 of 17 free throws for 58.8 percent in the second half.

– Baylor’s offensive rebounding percentage was 54.5. It’s just the fourth time in the Calipari Era in which an opponent got more offensive rebounds than UK got defensive rebounds. Tennessee got 62.5 last year in Knoxville. Maryland grabbed 52.8 percent during last year’s opener in Brooklyn. Alabama got 55.9 percent in its win over UK in 2011, the game in which John Calipari got caught on TV saying some things to Terrence Jones, Cal’s wife Ellen made the coach apologize for after the game.

– UK had an offensive efficiency rating of 103.5, lowest of the year. Previous low was 103.8 vs. Eastern Michigan. UK’s rating in its other loss was 104.1 vs. Michigan State.

– Baylor’s efficiency rating was 110.8, second-highest against UK this season. Michigan State’s rating was 114.6.

– Baylor outrebounded UK by 16, the first time the Cats have been outrebounded this year. You have to go back to last year’s blowout loss at Tennessee to find a game in which the Cats took a worse beating on the glass. Tennessee outrebounded UK by 18 in Knoxville.

– UK’s offensive rebounded percentage of 30.3 was its lowest of the season.

– Baylor shot 47.3 percent, second to Michigan State’s 47.6.

– One more number: Zero. Kentucky had 0 steals tonight. That’s the first time since 2008 that the Cats went through an entire game without being credited for a single steal.

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