John Calipari talks process on “Mike & Mike”

John Calipari was just on ESPN radio’s Mike & Mike primarily to talk about Derrick Rose, his former star guard at Memphis, who is now going to miss the rest of the season (again) with the Chicago Bulls, this time with after meniscus surgery.

But Cal also was asked about his team after last night’s scare against Cleveland State.

“This thing is a process here,” Calipari said. “It always is, and as long as I’ve got all young guys, it’s always gonna be. The biggest thing is convincing them that their old habits will not work. They still haven’t surrendered that yet.

“So what happened last night, until the last seven minutes when they just stepped on the gas and played and showed a will to win, kind of like they did to Michigan State, OK, but Michigan State was good enough to hold us off and finish us off where Cleveland State, we were just a little bit better than them. They came in and punched us right out of the gate. They showed no fear. They played harder. They played with more emotion. They played more as a team. You can’t win until you get those things down.”

The “Mike & Mike” page at should have the entire interview up later today.

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