Tom Izzo: Recruiting for fans; games for teams

Rick Bozich has some quotes from Michigan State’s Tom Izzo about Tuesday’s game, especially considering the recent recruiting battles between UK and MSU.

Izzo says there is no recruiting rivalry because Calipari wins all the battles. That’s not entirely true. Kentucky recruited Adreian Payne and Gary Harris, both of whom signed with the Spartans. Izzo called that “one or two in a million.”

Tuesday’s game will be played on the floor, not in a recruit’s living room.

“John’s done a helluva job recruiting,” Izzo said. “Those are the battles that matter to fans. The games are the battles that matter to the teams. We’ve got a chance to win that battle. The other one, I’m not doing very good.”

Click here to read the rest of Rick’s column, which has some other interesting comments from the Michigan State, who adds some friendly jabs at his friend Calipari.

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