In the shower with John Calipari

At John Calipari’s presser on Thursday, the coach mentioned that when he was driving to work that morning he decided to tear up his practice plan and use a new one.

I asked him when he’s thinking about his practice plan or about the team right now, does he think of one or two guys he has to get playing better. Cal didn’t quite address the question, but his answer was probably better anyway.

“Usually it is (developed) in the morning before I even get into my car,” he said. “Here’s what was funny. Orlando (Antigua) let me just tell you – Orlando – because most times I’m in the shower. And I’m thinking, ‘Okay, what the heck,’ because there’s nothing there but the water hitting you and soap and you’re thinking.

“So, Orlando hit me this summer and said, ‘You won’t believe this, I’m in the shower thinking of stuff getting ready for the Dominican.’ I said, ‘Yeah, when you get all of these thoughts they have got to come out somewhere.’ Normally it’s when everything dies down. And you’re sitting there and all of the sudden you’re like, ‘Oh my gosh.’ And then you’re washing your face again for like the fifth time. You’re like, ‘I just washed my face like five times.’

I’m the same way and I’m guessing Calipari has that in common with a lot of people.

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