Chane Behanan isn’t totally out at Louisville

If you, like me, could be wondering what could be really going on with the now indefinitely-suspended Chane Behanan, my friend C.D. Kaplan of LEO in Louisville offers a nice nugget on the situation:

Pitino is never shy about using the media to make a point, to discipline a player. Even for minor matters. It’s one of his less endearing traits.

Which is why it is impossible to tell how serious are Behanan’s actions? On the one hand, he is out of Minardi Hall. (Has he been moved to another dorm, or is he living in a friend’s car?) On the other, he is still in Ray Ganong’s weight room, even if he is forbidden from practice.

So, those who have twittertweeted that he’ll be back by the presumed game with Carolina have history on their side.

If Behanan is really off the team, why is he still in the weight room?

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