Vince Marrow, Johnny Football and late-night notes


Some late-night notes for a busy Tuesday:

- More from Media Day: Cats debate possibility of a 40-0 season.

- An SEC Insider ($) article ranks the top 10 football recruiters in the SEC. UK’s Vince Marrow comes in at No. 7.

- Our old friend Chuck Culpepper gives thanks to Johnny Football. Here’s the lead: “Some hope for our country just crawled out of that bustling sports weekend and shone brightly from the Deep South. It glimmered from a field in Mississippi, from the pretty town of Oxford, from a place curiously close to the Brobdingnagian tailgating acreage known as “The Grove,” and from an American Saturday night so restless you barely could comprehend the whole.”

- Oh my word, Bill Simmons thinks someone at ESPN is out to get him.

- The first AP college basketball poll will be released October 31. The first women’s poll follows the next day.

- According to ESPN Stats and Information, the Bengals have not allowed a 300-yard passer in 20 games, longest streak in the NFL.

- Travis Ford apparently is a little tired hearing about Andrew Wiggins:

- Click here for the full UK Basketball Media Day Gallery



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