Kentucky players quotes after loss to Florida


UK player quotes after loss to Florida:

#11 Maxwell Smith, QB

On what he thinks the team needs to do to improve: “It’s just going to take more practice. We have a lot of young guys. That is was it’s really all about. We need more repetition. We are going to get better every week.”

On the strength of the Florida defense: “Louisville was good, but these guys were really good and super fast.”

On the growth the offense has made this season: “Coach Brown and I and the other quarterbacks have talked about how we have too many negative plays. We had a couple runs that were negative and I missed a throw earlier in the game that could’ve been big on third down. We just aren’t executing.”

#45 Josh Forrest, LB

On how the defense played overall: “We played okay. We could’ve been better and we still have a lot of work to do.”

On defending a running quarterback: “It wasn’t too bad. We kind of knew what to expect. We’ve been planning against that all summer. “

#75 Zach West, OG

On Florida’s defensive line: “We knew they were a talented line going in, even without Dominique Easley, we knew they would be a good line. They are one of the better lines in the SEC and that’s proven by the line of stats they have and how well they did tonight.”

On not completing plays: “These past couple weeks, it comes down to one person not completing their job all the way. It’s never multiple guys or multiple players, just one guy on a different play. That’s what we think happened tonight.”

On improving over these past weeks:  “The hardest thing to see is improvement through failure. That’s what we feel like. We’re improving every week even though the scoreboard may not show it, but we feel like we’re definitely improving every week.”

#1 Ryan Timmons, WR

On Florida’s performance: “I give them their credit. They’re a great team. They’re physical up front, very quick in the secondary and things like that, but we had our opportunities and we just didn’t capitalize on them.”

On if losing effects future game performances: “It’s a factor if we let it bother us. If we go into next weekend at South Carolina thinking about this Florida loss, it’s going to hurt us when we play South Carolina on Saturday. We just have to learn from our mistakes on Sunday and just keep moving on.”

On Mansour’s performance: “Mansour is pretty fast. That’s probably something you guys didn’t know, but he’s a very fast kid on our team.”

#3 Jojo Kemp, RB

On having a large time discrepancy between his first carry and his next one: “No, I wasn’t hurt at all. My coach said that I wasn’t in the play call. So, I was just on the sidelines. Whenever it was my time or my turn to get in there I’d go rock and roll.”

On if there is frustration not getting touches: “I just stay upbeat as I can and I’m on the sidelines cheering on my team. That’s the type of guy I am. I’m not one of those guys that holds my head down. I’m going to keep fighting, keep giving my all and at practice. Whenever my number’s called, I’m just going to go out there and do my best.”

On if he was frustrated with not getting carries: “I mean yeah, just a little bit. It’s part of the game. I still have faith in my coaches. So whenever I get a chance I’m going to make the best (of it).”

#2 Bud Dupree, DE

On how frustrated he is: “You know it’s always frustrating (to lose), but you’ve got to go to practice next week and take it one day at a time and learn.”

On what gave him the biggest problem: “Making plays. We just had to make the right plays at the right times. We had to stop them a couple times. When we didn’t get stopped on them we did a good job with that. We’ve just got to keep working.

On how frustrating it is on third down to not be able to get off the field: “Yeah you know we got to get off the field on the third down,1 that’s the key to our defense. We stayed on the field entirely too long and we played too many plays. Our defense shouldn’t want to play that many plays. To be a dominant defense we just need to get off the field.”

#88 Joe Mansour, K/P

On his touchdown: “We executed perfectly. We practiced it and we went out on the field and they gave us a perfect look like we have been working in practice and we executed. We got a perfect snap from Kelly Mason and a perfect toss from Jared Leet and I ran for the touchdown.”

On his thoughts on the field: “I was thinking I want a touchdown. I knew that he took their wide receiver so I knew I could beat him to the end zone and I did.”

On the reaction of the touchdown: “It felt unreal. I heard the crowd and everyone piling on me. It was great. It was loud and the extra point afterwards was awesome.”

#2 Jalen Whitlow, QB

On tonight’s performance: “We need to get better as a unit and take advantage of their negative plays. We need to capitalize on those. The good thing is there is always next week. So we come back Monday and get better.”

On improvements the team has made: “Yeah, we’re getting better for sure. I think it’s night and day compared to a couple weeks ago. We’re going to keep chipping at it.”

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