Florida player quotes after win over UK

Florida players after win over Kentucky:

#3 Tyler Murphy, QB

On his comfort level going in to the game: “I had a few nerves just like every game. I was able to hand off the ball to Matt Jones and throw a swing route to get the offense going. I was then able to settle down. I felt really calm as I had the support of my teammates. They made my job real easy.”

On how he was able to be successful against Kentucky: “Coach (Muschamp) always tell us to focus on one play at a time, so that is what I did. The offensive line did a great job, as well as the wide receivers. Matt Jones was able to make some nice runs. Anytime you have long drives to start the game, it’s always a plus for your team.”

On his tackle after he threw an interception: “The defense made a nice play, but I tried to force it. I will get in the film room to evaluate the play. He made a good play, and I made a bad decision. I just need to learn from that. I can’t make mistakes like that against Arkansas. It was a big tackle for me and it prevented them for scoring. We have a great defense and they stopped them after I threw that interception.”

#8 Trey Burton, WR

On how tough it was losing two leaders and having to perform: “Extremely tough. It would have been worse if we would have came out with a loss. So we knew we had to go take care of business and get a win for those guys.”

On the importance of opening the game with a touchdown: “Yeah it was a good start for us. (Tyler) Murphy did a good job running the ship. It felt like we had the ball forever. I don’t know how many minutes (it was) but it felt like we had it forever and that it was our job to keep the ball and keep the defense off the field and ready to go.”

On how much last week helped him perform this week: “It helped him a lot. I don’t think he’ll ever be in a tougher situation than what he was last year, coming off the bench. You just really saw him grow up in front of your eyes. I’m just really proud of him and excited for the future.”

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