Jason Whitlock is no fan of Thayer Evans

On Tuesday, Sports Illustrated began releasing parts of its expose on Oklahoma State football, an investigative story done by George Schroeder and Thayer Evans.

Tuesday afternoon, ESPN’s Jason Whitlock went on an Oklahoma radio show and blasted Evans.

Here’s an excerpt from the Tulsa World:

But then in addition to that, having worked with Thayer Evans at Fox Sports, having followed his work for some time, I am completely and utterly flabbergasted that a legitimate news outlet would allow Thayer Evans to be involved in some type of investigative piece on college football that tears down a program, and particularly one that tears down Oklahoma State when it is no secret what a huge, enormous, gigantic Oklahoma homer Thayer Evans is. This is just incredible. Knowing the lack of competence that’s there with Thayer Evans, knowing the level of simplemindedness that’s there with Thayer Evans, to base any part of the story on his reporting is mind-boggling.

Hat tip to The Big Lead

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