Video: Mark Stoops after loss to Western Kentucky

Here are Mark Stoops opening remarks after UK’s 35-26 loss to Western Kentucky at LP Field tonight. The new coach was disappointed in the way his team played, especially defensively. He said the team lacked good fundamentals, especially leverage on running plays.

“We looked out of place,” he said.

In the second video, Stoops says there were some blown assignments. He is also asked if the moment of the first game got to them.

“I expected them to play better,” he said.

He said he thinks the staff needs to look at things defensively to get the players in better position. He also was disappointed in the false start penalties.

“That was discouraging,” he said. “We haven’t seen much of that.”

And finally here is Stoops talking about his decision to kick a field goal that cut the lead to 35-20 in the fourth quarter. It’s not on the video, but Stoops was asked about the fans booing his decision. He said he didn’t mind. He said he halfway wanted to go for the touchdown, too, but though the Cats needed points.

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