Closer look at Bobby Petrino’s offensive numbers


It’s no secret that Bobby Petrino knows what he’s doing on the offensive side of the football. The new Western Kentucky football coach is one of the best play-callers in the sport. The numbers bear that out.

In his eight years as a head coach — Petrino is own his play-caller as a head coach — at first Louisville and then at Arkansas, only once has Petrino produced an offense that averaged less than 400 yards per game.

Consider that since 2001, Kentucky’s offense has averaged more than 400 yards per game just twice. The Cats averaged 443.4 yards per game in 2007 and 427.8 yards per game in 2010.

That recent UK high of 443.4 would rank sixth among Petrino’s years as a head coach.

How will Petrino do with Western’s offense? His track record argues that he will do quite well. And one thing to notice. Petrino doeslike to run the football. He especially like to run the football at Louisville, where he ran the football 56.7 percent of the time in 2003, 59.8 in 2004, 55.6 in 2005 and 55.8 in 2006.

When he got to Arkansas, Petrino moved slightly below the 50-percent ratio when it came to running the football. His run percentage was 46.1 his first year, then 47.4 in 2009, 47.5 in 2010 and 46.7 his last season.

With Antonio Andrews in the Western backfield, it would be logical to guess that Petrino will return to running the football more than half the time.

The numbers:


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