Video: Mark Stoops happy with Tuesday practice

Mark Stoops was happy with the Tuesday practice today as his Kentucky football team gets ready for Saturday’s opener at Western Kentucky.

In this first video clip he talks about what the team worked on today, on how he can improve a defense that did poorly on third-down a year ago and on Nick Holt, Western Kentucky’s defensive coordinator who was in the Pac-12 at USC when Stoops was at Arizona.

More video clips after the jump.

In the second clip, Stoops talks about cutting back on physical practices as the week progresses, how you prepare for two different style of quarterbacks. Western Kentucky will start Brandon Doughty, a dropback passer, but may also play DeMarcus Smith, who is more of a running threat.

Stoops also talks about conditioning, the sense of urgency from his team leading up to the game.

In the third and final clip, Stoops talks about Za’Darius Smith and Nate Willis and leadership. He also talks about Travaughn Paschal, who has impressed Stoops especially when they took the defensive end and stood him up as a linebacker.

Stoops also talks about how a player performs in practice versus how he performs in a game. He also says he is confident his team is in conditioned going into Saturday.

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