Hoops coaches believe Kentucky is a title team


As part of its anonymous poll of college basketball coaches — which I am not a fan of, by the way — CBS asked just how good will Kentucky be this season?

Poll results showed that 87 percent think UK is a title team, while just 13 percent thought the Cats would be closer to the NIT team of last season.

The post uses five quotes that stood out, including this one good:

“There’s too much talent to be NIT. This is an embarrassment of riches when it comes to flat-out talent. Do they have the character of the 2012? Are there upperclassmen willing to be as unselfish as the as the 2012 team’s was? The answers to those questions will determine their fate. They could lose two of their top eight guys and still be a top-five team. How many teams can say that?”

And this one bad:

“Too many egos for even Calipari to handle. I think they have some cancers on the team as well.”

Jeff Borzello then analyzes the results, writing:

The biggest difference from last season will be at the point guard position. Ryan Harrow was expected to be a difference-maker in 2012-13, but the North Carolina State transfer was absent early in the season, was inconsistent when he played, then decided to transfer. He wasn’t the Derrick Rose-Tyreke Evans-John Wall-Brandon Knight-Marquis Teague point guard that Calipari is used to. Andrew Harrison will be that sort of player, though. As long as he’s cleared to play, Kentucky will have the dynamic playmaker they lacked a year ago.

Actually, it’s an absurd poll question. No way Kentucky is going back to the NIT.

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