There is a White House petition to investigate North Carolina

College Basketball Talk reports that Duke fans and North Carolina State fans have joined together to post a petition on the White House web site asking the government to investigate North Carolina athletics.

This comes in the wake of the academic fraud scandal at North Carolina, which the NCAA has pretty much ignored, thanks in part to an altered report submitted by the school.

As well, there are still questions about North Carolina guard P.J. Hairston and his relationship with a convicted felon, who rented a car in which Hairston was using when he was recently arrested. The charges against Hairston were dropped, but the questions remain.

The petition reads:

For 3+ years, a series of scandals have uncovered systemic academic fraud at UNC as far back as 1997. The fraud includes 200+ lecture-style classes that never met, as well as hundreds of suspect independent studies enrollments and unauthorized grade changes. In some cases, classes only benefited members of the athletic program.

Meanwhile, UNC has received significant federal funding for research and allowed students to maintain eligibility for federal loans and grants. Federal funding for research at UNC accounted for $544.9 million (9th in federal R&D expenditures) in 2012.

UNC has reacted to inquiries by stalling the release of information and hiding behind FERPA for failing to disclose. A comprehensive investigation is required to ensure that federal funds are not being misused.

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