Kentucky won’t be only SEC team with checkerboards

checkerboard-endzoneKentucky’s football uniforms feature a checkerboard design on the sleeves, paying homage to the state’s racing history and specifically to the colors Secretariat wore when winning the Triple Crown in 1973.

Now Tennessee, home of the checkerboard end zones, is putting the checkerboard design on its uniforms, according to Rivals.

“There will be some other changes to at least two of the Vols’ uniforms, including what sources have said would be a faint, subtle checkerboard effect on the numbers of the road jerseys,” reports John Brice and Brent Hubbs.

“The away uniform, to be able to embrace the tradition of the checkerboard into the number, I think is big,” new Tennessee coach Butch Jones said. “And then when we go onto the road and adding Tennessee to the front I think was a great addition. Obviously the state (outline) of Tennessee will also be on the back on the away uniform as well.”

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