Still think a Kyle Wiltjer transfer likely

Greg Wiltjer’s comments to the Portland Tribune have the Big Blue Nation thinking there is a good chance that Greg’s son Kyle will in the end reject the transfer option and return to Kentucky.

I’m not buying it. The guess here is that the junior-to-be will end up taking his redshirt year elsewhere. That was my sense when he first posted his letter to Big Blue Nation explaining his reasons for exploring a transfer. His father’s comments, which strike me as tailored toward keeping in good standing with the BBN, do nothing to change my mind.

Nor am I convinced that Wiltjer’s best option is to remain at UK and redshirt.

Let’s say he does that. Let’s say he remains in the program and builds up his body. Is there any guarantee that his playing time prospects will improve at UK in 2013-14? The way John Calipari recruits, it’s likely that Wiltjer ends up in the same spot he’s in now. A new truckload of talent arrives on campus. Wiltjer finds himself fighting for playing time.

There is one difference, however. If Wiltjer decides he wants to transfer this time next year, even after a redshirt year, he would have to sit out a season. That means two seasons without Wiltjer playing a college basketball game.

I could be wrong, of course. Wiltjer might decide to stay in hopes of producing a Jeff Sheppard-type sequel. Right now, though, I’m not betting on it.

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