Conflicting UK football reports and more notes

Some late afternoon notes for Friday:

Conflicting reports on former Pittsburgh running back Rushel Shell. His mom says he is considering West Virginia, Ohio State and Kentucky. Jason Rowland of Rivals said earlier this week that UK is not interested.

– Gary Parrish of CBS Sports projects next year’s NBA lottery picks. He has four from Kentucky – 2. Julius Randle; 6. Willie Cauley-Stein; 7. Andrew Harrison; 13. Aaron Harrison.

Forbes says last night’s draft slide cost Nerlens Noel $10 million. “Again, the third and fourth years are team options,” writes Chris Smith. “That drop from first to sixth will cost Noel $4.4 million in his first two years. Include the team options, and Noel’s potential earnings fall from $24 million to $14.3 million, a nearly $10 million dip. That’s a tough pill to swallow for a 19-year-old kid who has spent the last few months being told he was the draft’s top pick.”

Henry Abbott of True Hoop looks into why so many team’s passed on Noel. “But there’s something unsettling, a little stomach-turning, about how it went down: Almost every team in the NBA had a shot at him. A full fifth of the NBA passed on him in one night. The Cavaliers, Magic, Wizards, Bobcats and Suns chose other players over him. The Pelicans picked him, and traded him. But that’s just the beginning: The Cavaliers shopped their top, Noel-ready pick every day between winning the lottery and draft night. To get the star center, all any team had to do was make a winning offer to the Cavaliers any time in the last few weeks. On draft night the list of teams who could have traded him to you expanded to six and the asking price was not prohibitive.”

Sam Amico of Fox Sports called Noel the draft’s biggest loser. “The expression on Noel’s face after dropping to the New Orleans Pelicans at a disappointing sixth is one that likely will be plastered across NBA TV forever. The center from Kentucky was projected to go in the top two, and he wore the look of a man who had been standing in the rain for hours, only to be told he was at the wrong bus stop.” reports that the reviews are mixed about Philadelphia trading Jrue Holiday for Noel. “A year ago, Philadelphia seemed in love with trading away the team’s best player, Andre Iguadala, to obtain a young stud center named Andrew Bynum. He never played a game. Back in 1986, owner Harold Katz was happy making a blockbuster draft-day trade, trading away all-star Moses Malone for younger center Jeff Ruland. Bad knees again. Ruland’s career went nowhere.”

– Now Doc Rivers’ son Jeremiah is bashing Bill Simmons on twitter.

– “The Sports Guy” is fighting back.


The Big Lead thought Simmons was great on Thursday night.’s Andy Glockner writes on how Archie Goodwin will fit in with Phoenix. “Goodwin had a disappointing solo season in college at Kentucky, but he could turn into a good pro down the road. He’s very young, but Phoenix is in rebuilding mode anyway, so they have time to let him develop at his more natural shooting guard spot. He has a lot of work to do, but he has some good pedigree and good size with which to work.”

That Achillies injury has forced Duke’s Rodney Hood from tryouts for the World University Games.

Myron Medcalf of ESPN looks at the top 10 underclassmen who went undrafted. Missouri’s Phil Pressey is on the list. “Pressey was both brilliant and frustrating in three years at Missouri. On his best days, he was a 6-foot dynamic playmaker who could get to the rim and create offense for the Tigers. On his worst days, he was a turnover machine who made poor choices. His decision to turn pro was certainly surprising. He averaged 3.5 turnovers per game and only made 32 percent of his 3-pointers last season. Both were declines from the season prior. For an undersized point guard with turnover issues and limited shooting ability, one more year in Columbia could have enhanced his pro future.”

The NBA is considering moving the draft back a week.

– There is now a football recruiting app that explains “The Georgia Way.”

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