Kyle Wiltjer is apparently transferring from UK


John Calipari posted a letter on his site saying that Kyle Wiltjer is transferring. (Actually, better add that he is apparently transferring.)


As I do with all of our players over the summer, I’ve been in constant communication with Kyle Wiltjer over the last few weeks during his experience with the Canadian National Team. Kyle called me before he left for China and when he returned on Sunday.

 After playing with Canada, Kyle feels like he could have a more prominent role in another program than he might have with us next season. He expressed to me that that’s the kind of situation he wants to be in for his last two years of eligibility. For his future, he may be right.

Wiltjer also wrote a letter to the #BBN.

Update: After re-reading both letters it appears that Wiltjer is exploring the idea of transferring. He could return but the guess here is that it’s not likely. Once a player goes public that he’s talking to other schools about leaving, he’s usually out the door.

Update: There’s a discussion of this post on my Facebook page.

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