Guy Morriss worries about this generation of football players

morris1-225Caught up with former UK head football coach Guy Morris today over at the CHAMP Camp at Henry Clay High School. Morris retired from coaching and is now an administrator at Texas A&M-Commerce. I asked him what was the biggest difference between when he first got into coaching and now.

“I’m worried about this generation of kids that’s coming up,” he said. “I had one of my professors explain it to me this is the generation of the unwilling and unable. That’s the way he described it. I think they’re a little bit narcissistic as well. It’s all about me. I don’t know if there is a lot of parenting going on in this country anymore. All the parents want to be buddies.

“A lot of these kids are coming from single-parent homes. They don’t have a father figure, no male role model in their life. That’s one reason I’m excited about coming and working these types of camps. These guys need to be around some men. Here some men have stories about what made them great football players and what it’s taken. That’s very attractive to me.

“I just don’t communicate too well with these kids today. They didn’t never tell me you have to be in the weight room, you have to work hard, you’ve got to do this, you’ve got to do that. I just went and did it. I think this generation is not going to do a thing until you make them do it. I think because of the way we were coached and brought up we were a lot tougher athlete than this generation.

“This generation is very athletic. Super athletes. They’re just not very tough. Players sit out a month with a hangnail now. They’re not going to hurt their bodies. If we were told to jump off that building we were going to jump. Maybe we were the stupid generation, but if you’re going to play football you better be pretty tough and you just don’t see it anymore.

“I think, too, the soccer moms are worrying the NFL right now. All thse head traumas and concussions and so on and so forth. That’s going to have a big impact on Pee Wee football, any level of football. That’s why you see all these rule changes, you can’t hit anybody in the head and all that kind of stuff. That’s why they’re doing that. They know what the soccer moms are saying to their sons.”

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