BBL: Blake Bone update; Matt Elam and Ohio State

Big Blue Links for Friday:

– Five-star Elizabethtown defensive tackle Matt Elam visited Ohio State on Thursday and tweeted out the above picture of himself with the Urbinator.

Blake Bone talks to The State in Columbia about his recruiting process and his final four college choices. The four-star wide receiver has UK among his final picks and says he is not afraid to out of state. “Oh, no, definitely not. I’m not one of those homegrown kids that has to be around family. I’m trying to find the best college that will best fit me offense-wise, production, depth chart-wise and eventually help me reach my dreams of making it to the league.”

– The Cleveland Plain-Dealer had our own Ben Roberts on to talk about Nerlens Noeland the NBA draft. Click here for the video.

– Noel is the hot NBA Draft topic. Mary Schmitt-Boyer of the Cleveland Plain-Dealer talks to a Cleveland Clinic doctor who says Noels’ growth plate is not a concern. She reports, “Speaking in general terms, not specifically about Noel, (the doctor) said, “I can tell you that growth-plate injuries are, in fact, very common in children, and children can be big children all the way up through high school age. Certainly those who are very tall obviously get a lot of their height through their legs, which grow rapidly. Typically, I’d say most boys are done growing about age 16. Growth plate injuries can happen.”

Jon Hale of KY Forward re-tweeted @jimcallisBA last night who said that ex-UK pitcher Corey Littrell has signed with the Boston Red Sox for $300,000. Littrell was take in the fifth-round by the Sox.

Larry Vaught agrees with Gorgui Dieng, the former Louisville center who said Kentucky should be good next season but great players do not guarantee a team. Larry writes, “Dieng, who also said he thinks the Cardinals will be better than their national championship team was, is right about team play. There are no guarantees. Look back at last year’s Wildcats for an example of the individual parts being better than the whole where three years ago it seemed like UK’s Final Four team may have been better than the individual parts.”

– After Miami beat San Antonio last night, Pat Riley was spraying the champagne everywhere.

Click here to see Riley pouring the bubbly on Rachel Nichols.

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