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During his talk to the Louisville Quarterback Club on Tuesday, UK’s new offensive coordinator, Neal Brown, broke down his unit by position. I finally got around to transcribing Brown’s remarks.

– On the quarterbacks: “We’ve got four quarterbacks on scholarship. We’re excited about all of them. Three of them are really competing hard, and that’s a hard position. (We’ve got) Maxwell Smith, who is a sophomore from California; Patrick Towles, a sophomore from Northern Kentucky, he went to Highlands; and then Jalen Whitlow, sophomore from Prattville, Alabama, who won a state championship there. Prattville is one of the top programs in the state. Those guys are competing.

“The only game or practice you all were able to see, Jalen probably played a little better, but really all spring it was up and down. Just when I thought one would make a move, the other one would catch up. Then out of the blue would come the one I thought was in third. They were kind of up and down the whole spring. We’re going to kind of let that competition go for two weeks in the fall and let them scrimmage there. I’m really interested to see. They’ve all got good qualities. I think they all can win in this league. Hopefully after two weeks, the best-case scenario for me is one of them jumps up and wins the job.”

– On the running backs: “At running back, I think that is probably as deep a position as we have on offense. Raymond Sanders, that’s No. 4, he’s an all-purpose back who I think will be a really good fit for what we’re trying to do. And we’ve got a couple of big backs — Josh Clemons, who’s coming off a bad knee injury. He’s showing signs of being a really good player. (You could see that) his freshman year before he got hurt. Clemons had a really good spring game, which was very encouraging. Jonathan George, the guy whose under the radar, kind of a lunch-pail guy. He does a good job. He’s a physical guy. We have Dyshawn Mobley, who I think is going to be a true sophomore but has as much potential as anybody. The longer he’s in our system, the better he’s going to be. I think he has the capability to be a big-time player. Then we have a kid we’ve signed, Jojo Kemp, he’s coming in.”

– On the receivers: “At receiver, we’re thin. We’re so thin we might have tryouts, and anybody who shows up we’ll be able to have a chance to play wideout for us. We have four on scholarship right now and we’re bringing in four new guys. The good news is I think the four on scholarship we’ve got can play. Now at Texas Tech we were playing eight to 10, sometimes 12 receivers in a game. That’s not going to be the case (here). The offense we’re going to run at Kentucky is not necessarily going to look like the offense we had at Texas Tech for the first couple of years. We were three years into that system there, and before that they had a system that was very similar. So we were going to be a little farther ahead of (here) as far as personnel. The thing that’s different here is that we’ve got a good group of tight ends. I’ll talk about them here in a second.

“Our receivers, we’ve got Demarco Robinson, who’s No. 9, (a junior) who was the best receiver in the spring. We’re expecting big things from him. Then we’ve got a group of sophomores in A.J. Legree, Rashad Cunningham and Darryl Collins, who all, we think, can be good players. So I’m excited about it. I was watching video of all of them this morning and getting more excited, getting more excited about all of them. I really expect those guys — they’re really hard workers and they want to do well — I really expect them to be lot better players in the fall than they were in the spring.”

– On the tight ends: “Tight end, we’ve got a lot of depth. We’ve got six guys there on scholarship. We’ve got Jordan Aumiller, a kid from Danville that’s a very good player. Tyler Robinson is a Tennessee player who’s coming back. They’re both seniors. We’ve got a kid that I think that has as much potential in our offense as anybody that nobody has seen in about a year and that’s Anthony Kendrick. He was their best player in spring a year ago. He broke his foot and was academically ineligible. He’s back, and all the things I hear through the summer so far, he’s doing really well. We’ve got a kid we signed who came in the semester last year named Stephen Borden. His dad is “Sting,” the wrestler. He’s really athletic, and I think he’ll help there immediately.”

– On the offensive line: “On the offensive line we’re really thin, but we’ve got seven guys we really feel good about. Our left tackle is Darrian Miller. He’s a kid who can play in the NFL. I really like him. He’s a Lexington kid. At left guard, we’ve got competition between Tevon Eatman, an Ohio kid, and Zach West, another Lexington kid. At center, we’re going to be really young. That’s probably as big a question mark as we have on offense, that’s at center. We’re going to probably end up playing a red-shirt freshman there. We have two, a kid named Zach Myers and another kid named John Toth. They’re competing. Then on the right side, Kevin Mitchell is a senior, the only senior we’ve got up front. He’s played, started last year. He’s a big kid, kind of a leader up there. We feel good about him. Then we’ve got a kid who is a true sophomore, Jordan Swindle, who got thrown into the fire last year that’s got a chance. He’s got a chance to be a really, really good player.”

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