North Carolina academic scandal won’t go away

The Raleigh News and Observer is reporting that new North Carolina president Tom Ross wants to look deeper into the school’s scandal involving the relationship between UNC’s African-American Studies program and the school’s athletic department.

The Chapel Hill campus has been rocked by allegations that heavy number of athletes were among those that took bogus classes in the African-American studies department.

Excerpt from RNO story:

UNC President Tom Ross said Friday he wants to review the email correspondence that shows a cozy relationship between the tutoring program for athletes at UNC-Chapel Hill and the former department chairman who was involved in creating dozens of bogus classes that helped keep them eligible to play sports.

At a news conference after a closed session of the UNC system Board of Governors’ regular meeting, Ross said he was unaware of the contents of the correspondence until it was reported Sunday by The News & Observer. He said he requested the correspondence from the university and would not draw any conclusions until he had seen it. But he did say he was concerned about why UNC-CH officials took so long to make it public.

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