Vanderbilt denies Sheldon Jeter’s appeal

jetersheldonVanderbilt basketball player Sheldon Jeter has lost his appeal to transfer to Pittsburgh. The Pennsylvania native told the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette that school officials denied his appeal of head coach Kevin Stallings’ decision that Jeter could transfer to any school in the country but Pittsburgh.

Stallings is apparently upset that Jeter did not meet with the coach before asking to be released from his scholarship. Stallings has refused comment.

Pitt athletics director Steve Pederson seemed to back Vandy’s decision, telling the Post-Gazette about transfers in general, “There ought to be some rationale for leaving. That’s where we’ve gotten a little bit tighter in terms of talking about departures. This shouldn’t just be free agency and when you want to leave you just leave.”

Once again, coaches can leave a school and break a contract whenever they want. The same doesn’t hold true for student-athletes, however. Jeter can still enroll at Pitt, but he would not be allowed to be placed on scholarship until the 2014-15 season.

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