One of the greatest college basketball coaching lists ever

Ok, it’s not quite the greatest college basketball coaching list ever, but it is certainly one of the more interesting.

Patrick Stevens, who writes the blog D1scourse, has put together a “tenure” list of college basketball coaches, listing the date in chronological order when a current coach took over at his current school. Jim Boehiem is No. 1 on the list, having been named Syracuse’s head coach on April 3, 1976. It proceeds from there.

For example, of local vintage:

  • In 2001 — March 21 Rick Pitino, Louisville
  • In 2004 — April 22 Dave Bezold, Northern Kentucky
  • In 2005 — April 11 Jeff Neubauer, Eastern Kentucky
  • In 2009 —  April 1 John Calipari, Kentucky
  • In 2011 — May 23 Steve Prohm, Murray State
  • In 2012 — Jan. 6 Ray Harper, Western Kentucky

Click here for the entire list.

(Hat tip to College Basketball Talk)

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