Andrew Wiggins may or may not decide Tuesday

Update: Andrew Wiggins’ coach says Wiggins will sign at 12:15 p.m. on Tuesday.

There are various reports that Andrew Wiggins could actually shock the world and pick a college on Tuesday finally ending the greatest saga in college basketball recruiting since, well, the last great sage in college baksetball recruiting. There will be another one after this, by the way. Count on it.

Where will Wiggins take his considerable talents? Who knows. I don’t think he knows, not with 100 degree certainty anyway. There were recent whispers that Wiggins mentioned three different schools as favorites on three different days to people who are on the inside of his recruiting process. Now that I can believe.

As for those who are impatient with the process and criticizing Wiggins’ indecision, it’s not your decision. It’s an important choice that will play a huge role in the young man’s life, even if for just the one season before Wiggins makes the inevitable jump to the NBA.

In fact, were I Wiggins, no way I sign a national letter-of-intent. What’s the point of doing that? Any school in the country would make room for his talents. And what if he signs with a school whose coach then departs for some reason, or something other factor changes. Wiggins has the power. He should use the power.

Here’s hoping we know something Tuesday. In the end, however, it’s up to him.

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