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Thursday’s big story was the long-awaited announcement of the launch of the SEC Television Network. Commissioner Mike Slive made the announcement in Atlanta, which was attended by 32 of the league’s coaches and all 14 of the league’s athletic directors. Slive announced that the network would launch in August 2014.

Here are five links to get you caught up on the new network.

*Seth Emerson of the Macon Telegraph has all the details of the network, which will televise at least 45 football games in the fall, with three each week for 13 weeks.

* Kevin Scarbinsky of the Birmingham News writes that this is more money for the SEC, but not necessarily the student-athletes of the SEC.

* The commissioner has cemented his legacy, writes Tony Barnhart for CBS Sports. The league extended its deal with ESPN to 2034. And now with a 24/7 network, Slive’s place in league history will be felt every day.

* The SEC coaches weigh the recruiting impact of the new television network. The network should especially help baseball and the so-called Olympic sports, which are yearning for more exposure.

* Mark Story of the Herald-Leader writes on how Kentucky fans will be affected by the new network. Look for fewer locally televised games.

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