Bjoern Werner’s trip from Germany to FSU to NFL

woernerfsu1-350x237There is a good story on right now by Mark Winegardner of ESPN The Magazine about former Florida State defensive end Bjoern Werner, who is expected to be a first-round pick in next week’s NFL draft.

Woerner’s defensive coordinator and defensive ends coach at FSU are now at Kentucky. New UK head coach Mark Stoops was Woerner’s defensive coordinator with the Seminoles and D.J. Eliot, his position coach at FSU, is now Stoops’ defensive coordinator at Kentucky.

The ESPN story deals with how Werner got from Berlin to Florida and how he grabbed the attention of the FSU coaches.

Adamson sent a highlight video to every good college program in the country, but it wasn’t until late in the season that recruiting services, which hadn’t seen Werner anywhere other than YouTube, noticed that he was getting offers and started adding stars to his rankings. When then-Florida State assistant James Coley and Jimbo Fisher, the head coach-in-waiting at the time, sat down to watch Werner on film, they were sold. Fisher says he has never recruited a player with less football background, and it was far from certain where Werner would play — tight end and every position on the offensive and defensive lines were possibilities — but even Coley’s iPhone video of Werner playing basketball made the FSU staff fall in love with the kid. “I said, just offer him,” Fisher says. “We’ll figure out a place to play this daggone guy.”

After three seasons in Tallahassee, Werner will be third German-born player selected in the draft. And Stoops and Eliot will both be in New York to support the star end and the three other Seminoles — cornerback Xavier Rhodes, quarterback E.J. Manuel and offensive lineman Menelik Watson.

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