A few notes from the Sunday press conferences


ATLANTA — A couple of notes from the Sunday press conferences before Monday’s final game between Louisville and Michigan.

* Rick Pitino said the loss of Kevin Ware, which shortens the rotation, has affected Louisville as far as foul trouble is concerned. He said that his team is afraid to foul, which he thought hindered Gorgui Dieng’s play.

“Guys were afraid to foul and relented pressure,” he said. “Gorgui was afraid to block shots.”

* If he wins Monday night, Pitino would become the first coach to win national championships at two different schools. Surely, he will be the only coach to win national titles at two different schools from the same state.

* Pitino on Michigan coach John Beilein: “He’s one of the best basketball minds in our business. He does a great job recruiting to his system.”

* Pitino said that despite his 20 points on Saturday, Luke Hancock was most happy about getting to meet Charles Barkley.

* Beilein said that he began watching Louisville tape at 5:45. “I watched tape for two hours and that wasn’t fun,” he said. “They give you so many different looks.”

* Mitch Albom asked the current Michigan players how many starters they could name from the Wolverines’ 1989 national title team. The five starters are the podium could only come up with Rumeal Robinson and Glenn Rice.

* By the way, John Beilein seems far too normal to be a successful college coach.

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