Kevin Ware’s climb helped U of L comeback


ATLANTA — At one point during the second half of Louisville’s Final Four win over Wichita State tonight, injured guard Kevin Ware climbed on to the raised floor of the Georgia Dome and joined the Louisville huddle.

The Cards were asked about it after the game.

“I thought he was about to sub in for me, I’m so used to it,” joked point guard Peyton Siva. “He caught me off guard.

“It just showed a lot of heart that he really came out there. He just wanted to tell us that we needed to pick it up. He’s part of this team. We know how much it would mean for him to be out there. He just tried to give us whatever we needed, the extra motivation, the extra boost to get over the hump. That’s what he did.”

“Like (Peyton) said, Kevin is a huge part of our team,” Luke Hancock said. “He’s one of the emotional leaders out there. I guess he felt like he had to tell us something to get us going. He does it when he’s out there on the court. He’s going to keep doing it when he’s not on the court. He’s an emotional leader for this team.”

“After the timeout broke, it was a 30‑second timeout,” Siva said, “we were just trying to make sure that nobody ran him over because he still has a bum leg.”

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