Comparing SEC non-conference vs. Big 10

Some claim that my post about SEC basketball scheduling, especially compared to Big Ten, was unfair because the Big Ten’s conference games inflated that league’s strength-of-schedule numbers.

So what about the non-conference scheduling? Here are the SEC strength-of-schedule rankings for non-conference games, as rated by the RPI, and the same for the Big 10.

SEC (in bold) and Big 10 non-conference rankings:

  • Florida-7 (ncaa)
  • Minnesota-13 (ncaa)
  • Illinois-41 (ncaa)
  • Tennessee-44 (nit)
  • Michigan State-50 (ncaa)
  • Kentucky-58 (nit)
  • Texas A&M-61
  • Indiana-63 (ncaa)
  • Nebraska-64
  • Vanderbilt-70
  • Alabama-78 (nit)
  • Missouri-81 (ncaa)
  • Georgia-126
  • Arkansas-131
  • Ohio State-134 (ncaa)
  • Wisconsin-145 (ncaa)
  • Penn State-152
  • Michigan-187 (ncaa)
  • Northwestern-230
  • LSU-233
  • Purdue-253
  • Ole Miss-271 (ncaa)
  • Auburn-293
  • Mississippi State-300
  • Iowa-311
  • South Carolina-321
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