Is Tom Crean telling his guys to flop on an elbow?

At the end of Indiana-Minnesota on Tuesday night, it sure appeared that IU coach Tom Crean told his Hoosiers to trap Minnesota in the backcourt and flop if the Golden Gopher with the basketball tried to elbow his way out.

After all, Indiana trailed by four points and needed a flagrant foul — two free throws plus the ball out of bounds — to have any chance at the win.

Sure enough, IU trapped Minnesota near the baseline and Will Sheehey fell to the floor in a heap as if he had been elbowed. But after looking at the replay, the officials ruled that there was no flagrant foul. In fact, the replay appeared to show that Sheehey tried to put his cheek on the Gopher’s elbow.

By the way, it took Crean 90 minutes to get to the post-game press conference after Indiana’s 77-73 loss to Tubby Smith and Co.

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