BBL: Rick Ray wishes he had John Calipari’s problems

Rick Ray

Big Blue Links for Wednesday:

* John Calipari says UK’s new-found success will be a test of its maturity, reports Jerry Tipton of the H-L.

* I argue that Saturday’s win over Missouri, while exciting, has been over-valued. The Cats still have work to do to get into the NCAA Tournament.

* Mississippi State faces long odds tonight at Kentucky, reports Brandon Marcello of the Clarion-Ledger.

* State coach Ricky Ray has no time for regrets and no time for pity, writes Brandon Locke of the NE Mississippi Daily News. I wouldn’t give Ray’s troubles to a monkey on a rock.

* Ray isn’t feeling sorry for Calipari, says Kyle Tucker of the Courier-Journal.

* Kentucky vows to stay focused on the Bulldogs, writes Brett Dawson of Cats Illustrated. Those are the same Bulldogs that scored 31 points in their last game, a 41-point loss to visiting Vanderbilt.

* Calipari says MSU is capable of beating the Cats, reports David Schuh of the Kentucky Kernel.

* UK looking to continue its progress, writes Guy Ramsey of Cat Scratches.

* Kentucky baseball wins rain-delayed home opener against Murray State, reports Mark Maloney of H-L.

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