Video: Willie Cauley-Stein on the taste of that Saturday loss

Willie Cauley-Stein is probably the most honest player on this year’s Kentucky basketball team, and in Wednesday night’s 74-70 win over Vanderbilt he was quite possibly the best. The freshman scored 20 points, grabbed seven rebounds and blocked three shots.

Part of it was the way UK reacted to that 30-point loss to Tennessee. Cauley-Stein said he was glad the team got Sunday off. He put a sheet up over his window and watched Netflix all day and “ate when I needed to.”

He also said he thought the “Let’s Fight” video was silly “when we were doing it.” He said he was fresh off a nap and the video guys wanted him to do his lines with more emotion. But “I got so excited after I saw it I started tearing up,” he said after seeing it before the game on the big vieo screens.

He said that the Tennessee game left a bad taste in his mouth. How would he describe it?

“You know when you throw up,” said Cauley-Stein. “And you got that aftertaste. That’s what it tastes like.”


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