Video: Ryan Harrow on asking to start

During his post-game press conference, John Calipari said that after taking his point guard, Ryan Harrow, out of the starting lineup at Tennessee, it was Harrow who came to the Kentucky coach and asked to start against Vanderbilt on Wednesday. Harrow backed up his request by scoring 12 points, dishing four assists and not turning the ball over in UK’s 74-70 win.

Harrow said that some of his players came to him and told him he needed to raise his level of playl, so the former transfer went to Calipari and asked to start, saying he would do whatever the coach asked. Harrow said he called his mother before he met with Calipari and that he was very nervous.

Harrow said of Calipari, “He’s an intimidating man.”

Cal told Harrow to shoot the ball, saying that when the point guard plays aggressive, the rest of the team is more aggressive.

Harrow also talked about the new “Let’s Fight” video that was unveiled during the introductions tonight at Rupp.


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