Video: Archie Goodwin on the “uncoachable” comments

After the win over Vanderbilt, Kentucky guard Archie Goodwin was asked how he took the “uncoachable” comments after the loss toTennessee and the remark John Calipari made ‘-

“I don’t know if he exactly felt that way. I think it was just in the heat of the moment. I know that I’m a coachable person.”

Goodwin said he took it more as a heat-of-the-moment comment that Calipari made because he wants to win so badly.

Goodwin also talked about the dodgeball the team played to loosen up and the video of which is now As for pegging Coach Calipari, Goodwin said that one one wanted to take shots at him “because he’s our coach and we love him.” Instead, it was just a way to have fun.

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