Report: Bob Knight likely done at ESPN after this season

The Big Lead, which is usually accurate on such things, is reporting that Bobby Knight is probably through at ESPN after this season.

The General is in the final year of his contract with the cable network and according to The Big Lead’s sources, no one expects the World Wide Leader to re-up with the former Indiana basketball coach just to hear Knight prattle on and on about shot fakes.

Here’s the thing about Knight on television: He knows the game. At times, he’s very good explaining the game. He doesn’t talk about a lot of nonsense not associated with the game being televised. He doesn’t talk about everything else going on in college basketball or the various promotions being pushed by the World Wide Leader.

But Knight also is easily distracted by minute circumstances and he tends to repeat a single point over and over and over again. The shot fake is the best and most repeated example. If it were up to Knight, no player would ever shoot the basketball. He would just use the shot-fake and use the shot-fake and use the shot-fake until the 35-second clock ran out.

That brings us to Knight’s most embarrassing moment of the season, when he did not know what that clock was on top of the backboard during the UK-Vanderbilt game in Nashville. In a key situation, Knight was confused about the difference between the regular clock and the shot clock.

Then again, word is Knight arrived just in time for the UK-Vandy game from a fishing chip trip to South America. He was, no doubt, tired and a bit unprepared. Wonder what Knight the coach would have said if one of his players had shown up just before the game from a South American fishing trip and was fairly unprepared? We knoew the answer.

I don’t often agree with Colin Cowherd, but I heard the ESPN radio show host say recently that Bob Knight was one of the few really “unpleasant” people he had met in sports.

Don’t know too many people who would argue with that.

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