John Calipari: Don’t stop believin’

In case you missed it, with 24 hours to think about it, John Calipari backed off some of his comments about his team’s lack of fight and players being “uncoachable” after UK’s drubbing at Tennessee on Saturday, the biggest loss (by way of margin) a Calipari team has suffered since his first year at UMass.

At, Calipari posted a Journey-type piece in which he basically sang, “Don’t Stop Believin’.”

An excerpt:

I refuse to believe they don’t have the fight in them to do this. I refuse to believe they aren’t coachable. I refuse to believe either one of those because we’ve got good kids.

There has to be a reason why guys are walking out of timeouts and not doing what they are supposed to. I may say publicly they are “uncoachable,” but I refuse to believe that because I believe in these guys and I believe they can change. I say it to get them to change, to prove to themselves and others that they can do this.

We shall see Wednesday. Vanderbilt comes to Rupp for the start of a three-game UK homestand.

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